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I found an address for you living in Elizabeth, CO. The snap of snow and cold would just add to the fun and warmth of family exchange be it gifts of good eats or an item dearly wished for.

Grandma Evelyn Gottbreht made the season exceptional for her son Dale and daughter Arla every year.

Chester Sager worked for George Sr in 1930; he was age 17, about the right age for gaining wisdom from experience.Dale suggested to Chester that they might past the afternoon with a sampling of his mom’s wine.After several nips, the boys became both soft and bold.I’m assuming your were with the class of 82, give or take a year?I think in those years the kids from your area were going to Bottineau? Gary The treasured memories of Christmas past make wonderful reading; thank you Erling for your major contributions and thank you Dick Johnson for the mention of community Christmas concerts that I too recall.

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